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A sound project of Axel Silbermann.

Copyright © All rights reserved. Made by Axel Silbermann.

the name

L.E. stands for the town I come from. It means Leipzig in Saxony (a part of Germany). It is an amazing reference to the shortcut L.A. for Los Angeles and is used in relaxed media releases about this town. LAW is the expression of my daily perception of the difference between law and fairness.

the language

Yes you are right, my English is locked in a German slang. Would you have understood the lyrics in German language? My reason for this decission is simple. The tracks are published around the world. The most people in Germany understand English - a little bit -, but the most people around the world don't understand German - at all -, but a lot of them English.

Release Boomtown Beats:

3 words of magic

Do you remember me

Fuck my own





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